About Us


My name is Kirt Victor and I am the founder and creator of My Hunt Connection. Like many of you, hunting is my passion. There is nothing better than being in hunting camp with your best friends and family, having that comradery, enjoying God’s creations, connecting with nature and pursuing the game animals that we all love to hunt.

I’m also passionate about protecting and preserving our hunting heritage and all of the freedoms that our constitution provides in this great country of ours. But sadly, as many of you know, many of our basic freedoms are under attack including our right to hunt and even our right to eat meat. There are many great organizations out there working to protect our hunting rights including the NRA, Safari Club International and many others, but supporting these groups is not enough. We also need to STOP supporting the companies, products and politicians that are spending millions to try and end our right to hunt and eat meat.

That is why I started My Hunt Connection. I wanted to create a social media website exclusively for hunters so that we can stop using and supporting these social media giants. Most of the social media companies out there are anti-hunting and anti-second amendment and they are taking millions of the dollars they make off of us and using that money to support anti-hunting groups, companies and politicians.

In addition, I also wanted to create a space where all hunters of every type and level could come together to share knowledge and information with each other; a space to connect and network with other hunters. The site is an online hunting community built on a social media platform. So, you’ll be able to create a profile page where you can post stories, thoughts, links and pictures with all your hunting buddies. We also have state hunting groups, so you can join your state’s hunting group and start networking with other hunters from your state. You can also join state groups in other states where you hunt or are planning on hunting. I know many of you are applying for special and limited entry tags in your home state and in other states. We have forums where you can connect with other hunters to get firsthand information about these specific areas that you’re interested in hunting.

Finally, one benefit that we will add as soon as possible is a Hunt Sweepstakes. These will be fully guided hunts of all types. We’ll need a lot more members before we can offer this amazing benefit, so invite as many people to join as you can. Our goal is to reach the point where we can give away a hunt every single week of the year.

Happy Hunting!
Kirt Victor